I heard music play
A way I never had before
What is it that has made these days so bright to show me
This will be the road I've chosen
And has called me
And has opened the door?


From the songs I have written over the years, I have tried to compile the lyrics of a few of them here that are representative of their time (and short enough to read).

The Meeting (1976) may sound as if it's about sex, but it's actually about knowledge.

Memories, Weekend 1962 (1981). This is as close as I can get to a Haiku, I think.

Open Fields / So Many Roads To Leave You (1987). A meditation on a world where relation is gone and progression is all that is left.

Home (1990) takes this topic further, but stresses the epistemological and personal effects of an economy that is built on power instead of confidence. Probably the saddest song I've ever written. Remember, this was before the age of the Internet & Free Software with their new promise of solidarity.

Stonehenge (1994). Yet another take on the drug of capitalism, but at the same time a very personal love song.

Why Did You Leave Me On A Summer Day? (1999). This is a plain old simple love song. Its topography complements this website, though.


Well, this is actually not drama, but science. Or, let's say, it's science, but it pretends to be a drama. Pubertät (PDF format, 455 kB) deals with Freud's famous lectures on adolescence, with quantum theory, moral philosophy and politics; acting characters include Einstein, Planck's Constant (in a frog's appearance), the Genital Primacy and the Super-Ego, Immanuel Kant, Helmut Kohl and Godot, among many others. Whatever. Unfortunately, the text is available only in German.

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